Medik8 Red Alert Serum

£30.00 15ml

Red Alert Serum actively reduces the appearance of skin redness providing intensive, calming relief for redness and flare-ups caused by skin hypersensitivity. It helps improve the lipid barrier of the skin which visibly reduces the signs of soreness and surface irritation.

Directions For Use

Retinol application should be phased in gradually. Use at night - twice a week for the first 2 weeks, every other day for the next 2 weeks, then every day as tolerated. After cleansing, apply 4 drops directly onto face, blend into the skin and leave to absorb. Precautions: Consult with your GP or skin doctor before commencing a retinol regime if pregnant, lactating, undergoing skin peeling procedures or taking prescription medication for acne.

Active Ingredients

Teprenone – patented anti-redness active ingredient also proven to increase the number of times a cell can divide - excellent pre & post peel. Organic Sage Extract – potent ingredient to sooth and calm skin.