NeoStrata Ultra Smoothing Cream

£34.00 40g

Ideal for new users of Glycolic Acid, this antioxidant exfoliating cream moisturizes and restores a visibly smoother appearance to skin. Clinically proven to significantly improve firmness, mottled pigmentation and overall clarity when used with NeoStrata Ultra Daytime Smoothing Cream SPF 15. Oil-free, fragrance-free. Non-comedogenic. Formulated with 8% Glycolic Acid and 2% Citric Acid. Size: 1.4 oz. tube / 40g pH 3.8

Directions For Use

Apply to the face and neck daily for two weeks and twice daily thereafter, after cleansing, as tolerated. Daily use of a sunscreen with this product is recommended.

Active Ingredients

8% Glycolic Acid, 2% Citric Acid