About Us

Askinology Concept

During his time as a Director of the UK’s largest chain of laser clinics, Dr Askari developed a vision: a completely new way of offering the best skin care and treatments in a beautifully designed space without the stigma or intimidation of a traditional medical clinic.

ASKINOLOGY is not just a brand new concept in aesthetics that has been over a year in the making - it is a project dedicated to improving skin health and making it accessible to busy people. We know we should look after our heart but what about our skin? The largest and most visible human organ, it presents you to the world.

In the heart of the City of London, near Bank and Liverpool St stations, ASKINOLOGY comprises of three elements, each with their own dedicated space:

  • The UKs first cosmeceutical boutique on the ground floor
  • The UKs first facial bar on the mezzanine
  • A premium advanced laser and aesthetic clinic in the basement

In a modern busy world, many of us simply don’t have the time for hour-long facials and when we can invest time in treatment, we expect them to show results and not simply be a massage using nice smelling products. A visit to the ASKINOLOGY Facial Bar can have you back to work within the hour.

With a shop front and large windows, entering the inviting beautifully designed space is very different to the classic clinic with receptionist behind a desk - there are no barriers to popping in to peruse the advanced skin care and even try some of the premium serums on your skin. No need to feel awkward if you are just stocking up on your favourite cleanser and if you have had a more advanced treatment, there will be no inquisitive looks as you leave the boutique!

Dr Askari Townshend

Dr Askari qualified as a doctor in 2002 and spent 6 years training as a surgeon in the NHS during which time he gained the title of Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. He opened his first clinic in 2008 before joining sk:n, the largest chain of laser & aesthetic clinics in the UK. During his 5 years with sk:n, he was their Director of Medical Services guiding the medical side of the business across more than 40 clinics with over 100 doctors and specialist nurses.

“I’ve been in the aesthetics field for over 10 years and during that time, the way we as doctors and nurses offer treatment to an increasingly knowledgeable public with access to modern technology has changed little. In 2013 I started to make plans about how I would offer high quality treatments (including more gentle ones accessible to all) in a more modern way making use of new technologies – using social media, texts and emails to keep in touch with our patients after treatment to ensure that all is well. If a client has a question or problem, why should they have to come into the clinic? They should be able to take a photo, send it in and get an answer quickly from their practitioner – this is the level of service that ASKINOLOGY offers.”

Dr Askari was the Lead UK Trainer and medical consultant for Sculptra and UK trainer for Ellanse. He has been helping other doctors and nurses improve their techniques for several years in addition to speaking at conferences across the UK and Europe. Although he has an almost obsessive eye for detail, he is a realist and always ready to tell patients “no” when he feels that they could go too far.

“In over a decade practicing cosmetic medicine, my clients still tell me they don’t want to look 10 years younger, just fantastic for their age. I help my clients to grow old a little more gracefully than they already are and do it so subtly that no-one should ever know they've been to see me!”

Dr Askari Townshend

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