Facials vs Peel Me Booster vs Advanced Peels

Facial vs Peel Me Booster vs Advanced Peel

With so much to choose from, it can be difficult to know exactly what’s the difference between our facial treatments and what would be best for your skin. The best way to start is with a free 30 minute skin scanning consultation with our therapists. Just remember that your skin is constantly changing and so it’s a good idea to repeat the consultation twice a year to ensure that you are doing the best for your skin as it is today, not last year!

Whatever treatments you decide to try, remember that good skin health always begins with good skin care at home. Unfortunately, cost isn’t a good indicator of how effective or quality your products are. In addition, what works for Kim Kardashian, your mum or your best friend isn’t necessarily what is right for you! You wouldn’t use the same hair care as someone with different hair to you so why do this for your skin?



First and foremost, facials are a great pampering experience, an opportunity to leave all your troubles and stress behind and have pure relaxation for 30 minutes. We use SkinCeuticals products some of which retail for £150 and contain great active ingredients that give your skin the support it needs to function healthy and look great. Your skin will be left beautifully clean with a very minor exfoliation.

An ASKINOLOGY facial is like feeding and watering your skin – they’re suitable for all skins and perfect as a fortnightly or monthly treatment. Just watch out – if you are using strong products such as retinols, you should stop these a few days before your facial. If you don’t you could have some redness, dryness or even flaking after your treatment.

Bear in mind, if you suffer from a condition such as regular outbreaks, pigmentation or sun damaged skin, facials alone are unlikely to be the answer to your problem - you will need specialist skin care with a more advanced treatment programme.


Peel Me Boosters

Peel Me Boosters are entry level peels suitable for all. There are 3 choices designed to help with acne, pigmentation and general anti-ageing. They contain gentle acids that provide a more effective exfoliation than facials improving congestion and reducing blackheads and outbreaks. They can also contain ingredients to help with pigmentation and sensitivity but are often required as part of a treatment plan.

There is no need for preparation and Peel Me Boosters are unlikely to result in significant irritation or peeling – for this reason they are often called Red Carpet peels are they are great preparation for special events. They give a deeper exfoliation to leave skin feeling soft and smooth, ready to receive makeup. There’s nothing worse than bumpy makeup which can highlight imperfections rather than cover them!

For those who have never had peels, have fragile skin or forgot to stop more aggressive products first, it is possible to experience some irritation. However, any that does occur is generally minor and short lived.

If facials are like feeding and watering your skin, Peel Me Boosters are a valet deep clean! They can be performed once a fortnight and like facials, can be purchased in courses of 3 or 6 for up to 25% off.


Advanced Peels

If you suffer with significant outbreaks or pigmentation, it’s likely that advanced skin care with facials or Peel Me Boosters will not be enough - these problems need more targeted treatment. Advanced peels contain a higher percentage of acids which can penetrate deeper to affect real change as part of a treatment programme. They are more likely to cause irritation or minor flaking of the skin so definitely not one to book the day before a special event.

Peels are hardly ever a one-off treatment - always plan for a course to get the best results. It will have taken years for your skin to develop its troubles and so expecting them to be gone in one go isn’t realistic.

If you want the biggest changes, consider peels containing TCA (tri-chloroacetic acid) such as the ZO 3 step peel. These peels penetrate more deeply still and result in shedding of dead and damaged skin for a few days to reveal smoother, fresher, younger skin below. Skin preparation for a few weeks before treatment is often important to ensure even and effective penetration of the peel.

Salicylic Peel – Salicylic acid is great for acne and oily skin. It’s anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, clears black heads, controls oil and encourages exfoliation.

Mandelic Peel – Mandelic acid is gentle and great for darker skins or those with sensitivities. Use with specialist skin care for pigmentation and redness.

Jessner’s Peel – This is the strongest anti-ageing peel we have before getting into those that contain TCA. For those that can’t afford (or don’t want) to have visible flaking for a few days, this is the one to choose.


Phantom LED Mask

All treatments can be followed by the Phantom LED Mask. The mask contains low energy LED lights (which means they are not hot) that can emit 3 different wavelengths: blue, red and near infrared.

Blue light (415nm) - perfect for those with active acne or oily acne prone skin. This wavelength of light destroys the p. acnes bacteria that is linked to acne. In addition, oil production is reduced to further reduce outbreaks.

Red light (630nm) – this light increases cellular energy, stimulates fibroblasts for new collagen and elastin and stimulates blood flow to increase oxygen delivery to the skin.

Near infra-red (830nm) - The most deeply penetrating of the three wavelengths, the near infra-red accelerates healing and has a powerful anti-inflammatory action. This is useful for those with inflammatory conditions such as rosacea and eczema but can also useful for pigmentation problems. Near infra-red is great for skin that has just had treatment and also aids the penetration of topical products which makes it a great addition to your ASKINOLOGY facial or peel.


You can read more at www.askinology.com or book a free skin consultation with a therapist by clicking here or calling 0207 0432233. Dr consultations are charged for. 


Dr Askari Townshend is a GMC registered doctor, qualified in 2002, and Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England. He is founder and Medical Director of ASKINOLOGY in the City of London and has been practicing aesthetic medicine full time since 2008.